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Remember, when it all seemed possible!

When you were a kid, how did you answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Did you have a ready answer? Most kids do. “I want to be a fireman!” Johnny shouts excitedly. “I want to be a ballerina,” says Mary shyly. Kids have no problem answering this question because in their minds, anything is possible. They can be or have anything they want when they grow up. They know no limitations.

So what changed? Are you living the life you dreamed about as a child? If not, why not? Did you lose track of your dreams? Have you forgotten what you used to dream about? Or did life throw you a curveball, sending you off in a different direction, one that’s lightyears from where you thought you’d be at this point?

Consider These 5 Things

Here is a list of 5 things to examine to see if your life could use a boost in a different direction. If any of these statements feel familiar to you at the core level, you may be ready to change direction and start focusing on creating a new life that fits your vision of the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

1. You live in a negative space. By this, we’re talking about your attitude and how you approach the events of your life. Do you view things in a positive light, or a negative light? When something unexpected happens, what’s your first reaction? If it’s to swear, pound your fists, or get angry, tense, and red in the face, you’re probably living in the negative space. It’s time to break out.

2. You procrastinate. Procrastination is a huge time waster. Not only do you put off doing what needs to be done, but you waste time and mental energy fretting about putting it off, and worrying about when the task will actually get done. There are often stressful timelines involved with this behavior. This is a mentally exhausting and physically unproductive use of time. You’ll find much more satisfaction in diving in and getting things done the first time you think of doing them. We can help with that.

3. You don’t believe you deserve good things in your life. This is a big issue. Many people are raised to believe that wanting nice things for themselves is selfish and self-centered. They develop the belief that good things happen to other people, not to them. If something good should happen to them, they view it as an accident, not something they deserve or something they invited into their life on purpose. If this sounds familiar, we’re here to tell you that you are worthy. Period. Your life should be full of good things, exciting experiences, and wonderful people. And you can bring all this in intentionally. It’s not an accident.

4. You believe the naysayers. Do the people closest to you support you or hinder you? Depending on how you’ve lived life to this point, you may have a cadre of toxic people in your life--people who are happy to tell you that thing you want can’t be gotten, or that trip you want to take is too expensive, or that the person you’re looking for doesn’t exist. If you often listen to these people and heed their advice, it may be time to cultivate some new relationships with people who are supportive and want the best for you

5. You feel like you have to do everything by yourself. Life doesn’t have to be a solo sport. Yes, it is your life, but there are forces at work that are greater than you are. And there are other people in the world who are striving to make a positive difference in their own lives. These people know there’s enough of everything to go around. They support like-minded people who are on the same journey. Tap into these people and learn from them. You’ll find that life flows much easier, and turns into the amazing journey you dreamed of as a child.

It May Be Time for a Change

If any of the above statements give you pause, it may be time to work on a new phase of your life. Here at Intentions Realized, we’re about to unleash our Intentions Realized Boot Camp, a new program designed specifically for people like you. This boot camp will challenge you to create the life you’ve always wanted, and will give you the tools to make it happen.

Some of the benefits you’ll reap from this 21 day program:

● An accountability partner to help keep you on track and moving toward the life you desire.

● A guided boot camp where you’ll receive tools and instruction on how to achieve success.

● Daily inspirational emails that provide a little dose of positive energy each day.

● A community of like-minded people who are also on a similar journey.

Most experts agree that it only takes 21 days to develop a new habit. At the end of this program, you’ll be well on your way to solidifying new ways of acting and reacting. Stay tuned for more information on this life-changing boot camp. And get ready to change your life for good! #settingpowerfulintentions #goalsetting #livingyourbestlife

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