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You will receive wonderful guidance from Elizabeth Rider.


A great way to keep your sub conscious continually working towards your desires is to take a picture of your vision board with your phone. Make it your background image...see it often!  

“Get Serious” Tips for Realizing Your Intentions

and Living the Life You Imagine!

Use Action-Oriented Practices that Focus On, Reaffirm and Assist in the Fulfillment Your Intentions

This is About the Rest of Your Life. Surround Yourself with Support from Others

Who Believe in YOU and YOUR DREAMS!




"Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!”

-  Maya Angelou

The power of intention can bring about positive change and attract what you most desire. Intentions are the root of your motivation and the magical part of all of your specific goals and authentic desires.

Most all of our intentions for living a more fulfilling life fall under the categories of
Love, Peace, Wellness and Abundance and are at the core of Intentions Realized.


Intention needs action to create results!

Studies indicate color has energy and a vibration, like music.

Feng Shui Color Energies

** Vibrant Pink resonates with Love and Passion for Life **

** White aligns with Peace, Serenity and Enlightenment **

** Nature Green summons Healing, Renewal and Wellness **

** Royal Purple is the energy of Overflowing Abundance and Prosperity **

- Taking daily action-oriented practices that focus on and reaffirm your intentions are vital!

- You don’t need to know the ‘hows,’ just make a commitment to taking action on your intentions daily.

- Avoid the activity of having fixated ideas and wondering how the universe is going to bring your intent to manifestation.

- Have faith that what you asked for is being worked on and keep your mind focused on the qualities of your intention.

- Take every opportunity to visualize your intentions as realized and a part of your daily life.  Connect with the emotion.
How will the experience feel?  


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